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The Founder

Chelle Johnson, MBA

Career Resilience Consultant & Strategist


I am a former corporate Talent Acquisition Director, HR Executive, and industry insider. I've helped thousands of job seekers gain meaningful employment faster than if they were going at it alone.

I am a Connector and Career Change Maker!

I promote inclusivity and belonging, and am a heart-centered global citizen.

I authentically engage with my clients, and positively influence career outcomes.
I am a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ally. I have increased opportunities for women, minorities, and underrepresented candidates for over 20 years.  

I started the non-profit group Colorado Career Connectors to build a community of job seekers in career transition, those who are underemployed in their current roles, and individuals who no longer want to tolerate feeling disconnected and disengaged in their careers.

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