Amplify Your Awesome, Success and Positivity

Best You Career Services

I’ve helped leaders just like you. Star performers who are overworked, unfulfilled, and stressed out. High achievers that suddenly doubt themselves. 

My clients learn to quiet that Judge/Inner critic in their head that sabotages and hijacks their success. They develop confidence to take committed, intentional action instead of reacting out of fear and confusion. 

They are impactful in securing new opportunities, whether through a new job or an advancement, and have the framework, strategies, and tactics to speak their truth and get paid what they are worth.

If you are intentional with:

1. Clear Career Vision
2. Healthy Mindset
3. Deliberate Strategy
4. Tactical Execution
5. Consistent Actions
6. and Focused Positivity

you WILL...

7. Amplify Your Career Success!

Here's the Framework

7 Step Career Amplifier Illustration

Best You Career Services

No one should be stuck in a job that stifles their soul. Take control of your career desitination starting now.

Clear Vision And Healthy Mindset

Are you burned out and exhausted and stressed?
Are you wondering what your purpose is and want to figure out what you want to do next? 

Do you yearn for a more abundant, lucrative, joyful and purposeful career & life?

Do you want to create a new professional story for your life?

Vision and Mindset cogs

Activate your peak performance, reduce stress and boost resilience, calm your restless mind, and Amplify your energy.

Find your purpose, get clarity on what’s next in your journey ...

  • Weekly 1-hour videos

  • Weekly 1-hour pod meetings (pod is up to 6-7 people) or individualized focus

  • Daily practice via a mobile app

  • Free access to the first 8 chapters of Positive Intelligence

  • Three 1-hour private coaching sessions

  • Dig deep to clarify your vision and purpose

Time Commitment: 7-8 weeks

Amplify Your Awesome

You’ll engage in the PQ program, Build a stellar resume, tell your story with confidence, and know your brand. This package will provide you with the tools to amplify your resonance in interviews and grow your networking skills.

PQ program details:

  • Professional and polished branding including: 1-Master resume, 1-Master Cover Letter and an Optimized LinkedIn profile

  • 1-hour coaching on Interviewing

  • 1-hour coaching on Networking

  • E-mail support during this time

Time commitment: 6-8 weeks

Master Your Abundance

Take your career journey to the next level with coaching, tools, frameworks, and resources usually reserved for senior leaders at Fortune 500 organizations or for seasoned executives but are applicable to everyone.  

A 3-month custom program that focuses on the vision, mental fitness, strategies, tools, and resources you need to fast track your job search, promotion or advancement opportunity, and on-boarding (if applicable).


  • PQ Program and 3 coaching sessions

  • Professional and polished branding including: 1-Master resume, 1-Master Cover Letter and an Optimized LinkedIn profile

  • eight 45-minute coaching sessions which may focus on:

    • Interviewing presentations, guides, and documents and mock interview prep & practice

    • Career Mapping & Targeted Marketing Coaching

    • Negotiation Expertise

    • Closing the Deal

    • Strategy meetings 

    • Communication approaches

  • Email support during the time period. Access to frameworks, tools and resources 

Time commitment: 12 weeks

Not Sure Which Path is Right for You?