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Stay Connected - During A Time Of Social Distancing!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

All of the uncertainty and upheaval in the world today, how does one stay sane through it all?

Unemployment has doubled in the past week, gyms, schools, and employers are closed, social distancing focuses on staying further away, and people are anxious and scared. Parents now have to balance With work, home schooling, keeping their families healthy, and paying the bills. For many, including me, it's too much.

All of this can make one even more disconnected from life, when we should be running toward more connection.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.

Do you have a recording that plays over and over again in your head? Non-stop stinking thinking? How do you let it go, especially when most messages and communication is on difficult or bad news?

Connect with yourself through meditating, exercising, listening to music, reading, etc. Connect to the universe, God, or your spiritual guide, angels, whatever. Connect to your colleagues and co-workers. Come up with creative and innovative ways to get out of your rhythm or way of thinking, and get busy reconnecting.

Here are some ideas I have recently implemented:

I do 4-6 on-line exercise classes a week. Now is the perfect time to try out some new classes, styles and variations to your normal gym routine. Making sure you move every day is also vital in this time of uncertainty, and naturally increases happiness.

Now, if you wanted to join me for the 50 day challenge, (50 crunches, 50 sit-ups, 50 lunges, and 50 push-ups a day) you would definitely get your blood moving. It's okay if you only do 20. It's 20 more than you did the day before.

Find unique ways to help others.

Recently one of my friends asked me to help her network to provide important PPE to health care clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and facilities. Since I've worked in health care for many years, I was able to make several connections which helped my friend and assisted hundreds of health care workers get the supplies they desperately need. How can your connections help you? How can you help them?

My family and I are volunteering once a week to deliver food to the elderly who can't leave their houses. I call this "life school" for my girls. Volunteering is an essential job, and there are so many options to maintain safety, but to still be of service.

I'm going to continue to think of unique and innovative ways to connect with more people... especially those who are now unemployed. If you, or someone you know is unemployed, please reach out to see how I may be able to help. It's my purpose in life to help others be their best and find a career that is meaningful, significant and purposeful.