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Keeping Your Career In Shape

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Ever enjoyed the exhilaration of a Zumba class?

Upbeat music from all over the world plays.

A fun, diverse group of people enjoys a high-energy workout. You feel like you’re at a dance party, but you’re actually burning calories, strengthening your core, and gaining flexibility. No wonder fans say they forget they’re even working out!

A group of women enjoying a Zumba class,

How is Zumba anything like a job search?

Zumba is one of my favorite activities (along with helping clients find the best career for their skills and talents), so I thought I’d share some comparisons.

In Zumba you follow an instructor doing a fun series of dance steps.

In A Job Search You Also Follow A Series Of Steps:

  • Create A Resume

  • Develop A Personal Branding Statement

  • Research Prospective Employers

  • Network-In Person & Online

  • Interview To Make A Positive Impression

  • Follow-Up With A Thank You

Even with all its steps, Zumba lets you get down to feel great.

Similarly, bringing high energy to a job search’s steps can help you feel pretty awesome! When you land your dream job where you can be your best and most authentic self, it’s going to feel great. And you may be able to do it without even breaking a sweat (still drink water, though — it always helps to hydrate).

(Appreciation for Pitbull’s “Fireball” is not a prerequisite!)

Dancing to the right beat.

Part of the fun of Zumba is its variety of music styles. You’ll be dancing merengue one moment and salsa or mambo the next. You might cha-cha your way into a tango or reggaeton number.

Dancing to all these different beats demands adaptability. Just like the flexibility you need in a job search.

After all, interacting with recruiters and applicant tracking systems, and answering different interview questions, calls for you to pivot even smoother than a Zumba class does.

There’s a learning curve in Zumba. You’re just starting out, and they want you to move both hands and feet simultaneously?! And to the beat?! At least when you make a mistake in Zumba class, the people around you will smile supportively. They’ve been there too! The worst thing you can do is get frustrated, think “I can’t dance,” and give up.

The more you do Zumba, the easier it gets.

You get more familiar with the dance steps and your body gets more fit. You’re better able to just let the music move you. This is true of job searches too.

Keeping your networking and interviewing muscles active prevents atrophy.

I’m not saying you need to stretch your smile or do increased reps of your handshake.

But, keep putting yourself out there, and you’re more likely to see positive results.

Both Zumba and a job search require you to put your best foot forward. Even if you feel like you have two left feet, you’ll be able to move smoothly through your job search with the help of a career coach.

I can’t promise your job search is going to feel as much like a dance party as Zumba does. However, I know that I can help to make your career search a lot more fun.

BEST You Career Advantage speaks your language, understands the job search dance, and wants to help your career get in shape.

Contact me [] today!

Our best and most authentic self, it’s going to feel great. And you may be able to do it without even breaking a sweat (still drink water, though — it always helps to hydrate).


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