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Gratitude & Networking

Updated: Jan 24

November is the month of gratitude, but how are you expressing your gratitude for your network the rest of the year?

Here’s some ideas:

  • Refers clients to your network! There is no bigger compliment

  • Publicly thank them on your social media, website, or newsletter

  • Take them to coffee

  • Send them a personal message thanking them (sometimes the private messages mean more than the public ones!)

Incorporating various acts of gratitude into your networking goals will enable you to truly see and feel the endless benefits that strategic networking offers.

Acts of gratitude can have profound impacts on:

  • our own levels of happiness.

  • the relationships we have with others.

  • our sense of connection.

You are more peaceful, less reactive and less resistant.

Want to talk about some more networking ideas and how to amplify your awesome in 2023? Book a time here.


Celebrate with me!

I’m not usually in shock or speechless. But thanks to Kami Guildner Coaching I was on Friday, 11/11/22.

I received the Firedancer award. This is the highest honor from my coach. She helps me be a better coach and career strategist. When you’re a Firedancer you…

Dance in the inspiration of nature’s natural gifts.

Become intimately connected to your heart’s desires.

Recognize sign posts are ready showing up in life.

Discover the essence of you and how you are meant to matter.

Build courage and resiliency to ignite the next passion filled chapter in life.

I am humbled, honored and so grateful.

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