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Are You In A Season Of Change In Your Career?

November is here and with it the leaves are changing (or already have) and the weather is getting colder. We’ve already seen our first dusting of snow here in Colorado and there’s only more to come.

Are you in a season of change in your career?

Maybe things are getting colder with your toxic boss and you feel yourself getting to that breaking point. Perhaps you’ve already arrived in your winter season in your career and that’s okay. Are you no longer passionate about your job? Is it no longer igniting the fire within you? Sometimes we have to lean into the colder seasons in our lives in order to create change.

November is also about gratitude with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

What are you grateful for specifically in regards to your career?

What do you love about what you do?

Or maybe you’re grateful for your own development this year.

Write those things down. They will help us create a framework for the next season in your career, while helping you shed some of the negativity you may be feeling around your current work environment.

Is it time to create change in your career path? The trees are showing us how lovely it is to let things go, maybe it’s time for you to follow their lead and let go of what’s holding you back.

Are you ready to start making moves so you can spring into your best career season?

Let’s talk about it.