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6 Strategies to Conquer Career Transition Fears

Halloween is a time for candy and costumes — how fun! But it’s also an opportunity to go to haunted houses and fright parks. Year-round, something that can be counted on to give people goosebumps is the thought of a career transition or staying in a job that sucks the life out of them. It doesn’t have to be scary, though. These 6 strategies can help you conquer that fear.

1. Have a game plan.

Just as kids will map out the neighborhood for the best trick-or-treating haul, you need to plan how you will navigate your search. Make an action plan in which you identify target companies, what their needs are, and how you’re going to network to get yourself noticed.

2. Be mentally fit and positively engaging.

The gremlins and goblins in your mind that are telling you you're not good enough, smart enough, are incompetent, too old, too young, too much... are making you feel like the skeleton of your true and authentic self. Don't let those thought monsters hijack you anymore.

3. Build a personalized branding statement.

Don’t trick potential employers by telling them only what you think they want to hear. Give them the treat of finding out about your authentic self. Develop a personalized branding statement that is short but sweet and true to you.

4. Do a dry run.

If five-year-olds can do a dry run for getting Butterfingers, you can practice networking or for a job interview. Do some research to find out more about the company. If you know anyone who has interviewed there before, ask what questions they encountered.

5. Make it a conversation.

Don’t be scared of your interviewer. They are not that one person in the neighborhood who every October 31st hides and jumps out in a werewolf mask. They want to get to know you. Treat networking or the interview as a friendly tennis match. Try to keep the conversational ball going back and forth.

6. Don’t ghost potential employers.

When you’ve had the privilege of an interview, take the time afterwards to write a thank you note. Be specific. Address something you learned about the company in the interview. Add something about yourself that you want to reiterate or emphasize from your conversation. Personalizing your follow-up is one more way for you to stand out from the rest.

7. Work with a pro.

Consider the homemade costume versus the store bought one. Most of the time there is a vast difference between what you can accomplish with glue, felt, and cardboard and what a professional costume company can do. Going it alone in a job search is the scariest part of the process. Landing the best job is the treat at the end of a tricky process. Don’t go it alone.

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