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Jolene White

After the roller coaster ride of 2020, I was ready for a 'reset' in 2021. Chelle was instrumental in making it happen. With Chelle I was able to come up with my 'reset' goals:

  • Increasing clarity and confidence

  • Focus on Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence

  • Overcoming Burnout

  • Imposter Syndrome and tools to overcome it

It looks like a big overwhelming list, but Chelle helped me break it down to make small incremental changes with the Positive Intelligence (PQ) program and coaching.

Chelle has the special touch! With Chelle's coaching, I'm back to having a spring in my step and excited for each new day. I've dramatically decreased 2nd guessing myself, increased my positivity, and feel less stressed.

Beth Vinson Grabois

Chelle supported my interview and application process for a highly competitive vertical move in my organization. The first step was learning how to update my resume to highlight metrics and key accomplishments. She provided multiple rounds of valuable feedback.


During the interview intervention sessions, she pushed me to practice responses to various questions and allow my authentic self to shine through. I definitely improved and developed stronger communication skills with her supportive coaching.

Kim Downing

After using a national career counseling service that was ineffective, I switched to Chelle and found the right fit.


Chelle helped me understand the clear way to land a great job-- keep searching for a company's pain points and/or growth points. I was looking at jobs both in and out of my previous industry, and with Chelle's help I was able to identify several pain and growth points in two different industries. This is what landed me two offers in the same week! Chelle encouraged me to use all methods of communication- sometimes email works, but a good old-fashioned phone call works wonders. People crave connection. I'm thrilled in the new direction this next chapter in my life will take me.


Chelle provides a comprehensive and unique game plan just for you. No cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all with Chelle. She listens intently to your goals, strengths, passions, and fears to help you understand yourself better, which also helps you find your ideal job. A constant encourager, she is prompt in returning calls and is incredibly accessible.


Her resume writing is truly amazing; I received many compliments on my resume while interviewing. From resume writing to job acceptance-- she is the whole package. My one regret is that I did not find her earlier in my search. It is absolutely money well spent.

Marc Lean

Looking for a new job can be a daunting task. The idea of taking a career's worth of experience and boiling it down to two pages can seem overwhelming at best, impossible at worst. Chelle is an expert at taking that mountain of an undertaking and turning it into bite sized actionable steps that help you articulate your knowledge and worth.


There are a lot of resume writers to contact on LinkedIn, but I hired Chelle because I could tell she was interested in taking a holistic view of the employment process. Chelle brought a vast relational-web to the coaching experience, through conversations, webinars, classes, and lots and lots of LinkedIn Messages, Chelle helped me learn how to network, rewrite my resume, write a personal statement (SO IMPORTANT), fine-tune my interviewing skills, and most importantly gave me the confidence to speak about my experience in a powerful way.


Make no mistake, you get what you put into the process, but if you put a lot into it, I can guarantee you Chelle will be with you every step of the way.

Jennifer Prentice

​After a bit of a search to find the right fit for me when I was in need of a resume revamp I found Chelle.  Our initial call was really enlightening. She is an energetic, friendly and matter-of-fact person who is dedicated to helping others see the potential in themselves, not only through her writing but also through her coaching.

If you put in the work she will make you into a rock star.

Typically it's a hard thing to dig deep and celebrate your accomplishments to the fullest, but every exercise Chelle puts you through will have you being more thoughtful and introspective than you could imagine you were capable.

Margaret Ayers

I originally set out searching for someone to help me with my resume when I found Chelle. At the time, I wasn’t totally sure what I needed but I knew I was looking for a change. Upon meeting Chelle, I felt an instant connection. I signed up for a resume refresh as well as career coaching.

The honest truth is working with Chelle is one of the best investments I have made in myself, professionally. Chelle helped me develop a super clear vision of what I wanted in my career, which has given me so much confidence. She also helped me totally revamp my resume and it now actually reflects the work I did and my professional accomplishments.


It’s clear that Chelle genuinely cares about the people she works with and she was incredible at helping me find myself. I am sure that the skills I’ve gained in resume writing and the focus I have in what I want out of my career will serve me well for many years to come. Chelle is absolutely the kind of person you want in your corner.

Joe Loemask

Chelle guided me through developing my resume and my entire personal promotional package. She provided me with a step-by-step process that facilitated her with the information she needed about me to tell my story.


Chelle’s approach was not just a matter of reformatting my existing resume.


It was an exchange between Chelle and me which educated us both. She patiently took time to explain to me the whys and her process forced me to verbalize my accomplishments in ways I had not done in the past.


I contracted her for a resume, but ended up with much more.​


In the end, I got a professionally-crafted resume, an example cover letter, online profile, strategies that I can employ during interviews, and also the confidence to present myself in the best possible way.​


Working with Chelle has been a real pleasure and a great value!

Wendy Romero

​I had the pleasure of working with Chelle Johnson for pre-interview preparation. She is an exceptional mentor and expert in her craft. Her unique coaching style and her honest, unbiased feedback.


If you’re seeking to hire a career coach who delivers personalized tips to master the art of interviewing, with the innate ability to connect seamlessly with her clients, Chelle is that person.

Ambarish Mehrotra

Before working with Chelle, I really needed to get clarity on my career, to contemplate and discover where my true self would flourish in. I fortunately met Chelle and discovered that we had worked at the same company although not at the same time. We respected a lot of the same people and we clicked immediately.


While working with Chelle, I found an unwavering ally, an unrelenting partner in my quest.

Chelle has an innate sense of the unity of the universe, she sees the bigger picture and is passionate about my career in a manner that brings energy to me and belief in my quest.

Chelle’s resume writing ability is great because she knows how to say a lot in a few words. She gets networking and the essentials of building a career, she also gets human fallibility and has the patience and humility to get into your shoes and help. She genuinely cares!


As a result of having Chelle as my career coach I am in a better place than I was and am distinctly better off because I found a friend.

Marianne Fisher

Before working with Chelle, I felt stressed and completely stuck; unsure that my career path was the one that I wanted to be on. I had interviewed a number of different Career Coaches, all of which were highly qualified including Chelle.


I knew Chelle would not only give me the results I was looking for, but also take the time to understand who I am as a person and what I truly need to succeed and reach my goals.


While working with Chelle, I discovered strategies and insights that only through her professional experience and expertise were able to give me.


I felt more confident going forth and tackling the obstacles that are relevant to finding work in today’s climate. As a result I not only feel like I have someone on my side who’s rooting for my success, but I feel like I can move forward with landing that job that I’ve always wanted.


She’s given me the tools for success and the confidence that I have everything I need to reach my goals.


I feel so fortunate to have found her as a coach, she’s more than worth the investment!

Owen Durham

I took Chelle’s program at the beginning of a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan, after spending several months trying to work virtually during the Pandemic.


I loved the small group dynamic, and being able to share my experiences safely with people across the world from very different backgrounds. The experience really helped me to find ways to cope with current stressors, as well as put things into perspective on how to deal with future circumstances.


I would highly recommend her program to anyone that is at a turning point in their career, or is looking for ways to cope and manage the stress of current situations.

The market is booming.  Post pandemic jobs are opening up, are you ready? 

Many of my resume and coaching clients have landed jobs in an average of 3-5 months.  


The investment you make in yourself pays off in spades for years to come.